Hands on with Industrial Experts

The International Water Distribution Company TAWZEA was established in the last quarter of 2006 & focus on delivering all municipal and industrial water solutions. It is one of the few Saudi companies with proven PPP Development and O&M capabilities.

TAWZEA specializes in the Management of concessions, the operation and maintenance of Water and Wastewater facilities. It is one of the first companies that have successfully privatized the water sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, particularly within the industrial cities. TAWZEA also provides water investment solutions based on its focus on privatizing the water sector.

To ensure the highest efficiency and reliability levels in its procedures, TAWZEA had implemented a global management system, certified according to international standards, namely ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001. TAWZEA is proud to focus its operations on the clients’ needs, ensuring technical support through its specialist team, a 24/7 customer care center, and a fully implemented CRM with an automatic billing system and SADAD services. TAWZEA’s commitment to its customers and market position as a Tailor-made solution provider for each project is the basis of its DNA as an environmental market leader in KSA.


To be the regional benchmark in providing water services and environmental solutions.


Committed to implement the best practices providing water services and environmental solutions to serve community, environment, and industry.


Water & Wastewater Utilities Management

Water & Environment Investment

Environmental Solutions

Investments to decrease NRW due to physical & commercial Losses

TSE Water Solutions

Call Center, Billing Solutions, Meter test & Collection for Water Sector

Our project coverage stretching all over Saudi Arabia through various services makes us pioneer in water Industry.